About Us


Our Big Promise…
Is to provide a superior and unique experience that takes you to the heart and soul of the places we visit – like nobody else can.

We recruit and facilitate only the very best and professional, guides, leaders, facilitators and team members that are specialist in their fields.

We believe passionately in responsible travel benefitting the local communities.

We personally research, inspect and test all facets of operations ensuring that we deliver on our promise.

Your safety is our goal – We have developed an extensive risk and safety management procedure, with contingency plans in place, 24 hour back up including satellite phones and medical first aid procedures.

Our unique inclusions and extras package make us the best value experience on the market – you will also receive….

Our exclusive life goal program which will inspire and empower you for your own personal journey into the future.

We also have an Executive Valet Personal Porter service.

Plus our comprehensive pre– adventure training and preparation program with exclusive access to our support staff who are there to help and answer any questions that you may have.

Our itineraries and dates are business and Executive focused.

Wild Spirit Adventures – revolves around 3 guiding principles, which we believe are the essence of our industry?

To Connect you

To Empower you

To Excite you

That’s our big promise to you!