Our Staff

Wayne Wetherall
Managing Director

Wayne is passionate about people and the culture of the people in the areas we visit. He has developed a successful trekking operation in many countries after initiating a trekking and adventure business in of Papua New Guinea.

Wayne has been exploring PNG since 2004 and has been instrumental in some of the great discoveries along the famous Kokoda Track.

He has led more than 50 treks across the Kokoda Track.

He has also written a number of stories on the history and his experiences in Papua New Guinea.

He has established strong bonds with local villagers, supplying much needed supplies of schoolbooks and equipment. He has initiated this same sense of responsibility in our other Wild Spirit venues.

Wayne’s expertise in Business and Adventure Tourism provides the professional support and infrastructure to our teams in the countries we operate.

Wayne has always been exploring and has an intimate knowledge and passion for the Australian war history His enthusiasm and knowledge will give you an insight into the culture and customs of our Wild Spirit destinations.

Wayne has successfully led exploration treks and tours into Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Nepal, Africa,Thailand, Borneo China, Germany, Italy and France.

Wayne has assisted in opening up the Sandakan track for Tourism in Borneo and has led over 9 expeditions across this track.

Wayne has also successfully climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa on 5 occasions and Mt Kinabalu in Borneo 8 times including the World’s highest “Via Ferrata”..