The hiring of a personal porter is highly recommended, our porters take great pride in their job and will assist with all aspects of your adventure.  The cost of hiring a personal porter for your trek is $720 ($750 ANZAC Treks). If you are considering carrying your own pack then you must train with the entire pack weight on your back.

The Kokoda Track is extremely difficult.  You may believe you have trained adequately for the trail and feel comfortable with your pack, but I assure you the Track can drain the resolve of most pack carrying trekkers.

More than 50% of trekkers who commence the track carrying their own pack end up requiring the services of a personal porter.

Porters need to be booked and paid for no later than 6 weeks before departure.  Payment can be made by cheque, money order or direct deposit into our account.  In the event that a trekker requires

a personal porter once he/she arrives in PNG, or at any stage throughout the trek, the trekker will be charged an extra 25% fee on top of the $720, totalling $900.00 (refer to our Booking Terms).

Trekkers booking for ANZAC treks should note that porter charges are $750 ($937.50 if booked after arrival).

A personal porter carries a maximum of 16kg.  This will be strictly enforced.  Space should be left for the porter’s own gear.  If you are hiring a personal porter, you will need to carry your own daypack.  In your daypack you will carry things you need for that day e.g. water bottles, camera, film, bushman plus, snacks, any medication required.  If you are having doubts, we recommend you hire a porter.  We ask you to treat our porters with respect at all times, they do a fantastic job and they do take good care of our trekkers!