You will need to carry a minimum of 3 litres of water on you. There are many places to fill water bottles along the track. Your porters will advise the best places to fill up your water bottles. The furthest you will walk between water is approximately 4 hours.

It is essential that you take electrolytes/Gatorade/Staminade etc with you. Put in your water, every 3rd litre, it prevents dehydration due to high perspiration losses due to exertion and high humidity. Dehydration, overheating and Hyponatremia can become major issues on the track. It is very important to keep drinking fluids and utilising salt and electrolyte replacements on the track. Because of the higher level of activity, temperature and humidity you will tend to sweat more. With the increased fluid intake and sweating you also tend to flush out of your system essential minerals, salts etc. This is why it is important to use electrolytes, salt replacements and Glucose type products. We highly recommend Endura and salt tablets.

Electrolytes: If unsure please discuss with your doctor.

Water purifying tablets can be taken as a precaution. The water is generally very good along the Track but always check with the Trek Master or Trek Leader about the quality of the water.

With the different environments, conditions, food and water, upset stomachs, vomiting and diarrhoea can occur. Please ensure you bring adequate medication.