Wild Spirit Adventures

How knowledgeable are your Australian Guides?

Our Australian Guides are first class professionals with a passion and understanding of the history of the Track, the POWs, the philosophy and tactics used during the Sandakan incarceration and death march. Being a historical guide is what they do, this is no part time job for them, and they live and breathe the story of the track.
Our Head Guide and Managing Director Wayne Wetherall has spent years researching the history of the Track and has GPS the entire length of the track, to create and up to date profile of the track.


Our staff are always available to answer any question you may have. Just email or phone us and we guarantee we will give you our best service.

Clothing and equipment

The destinations we visit are varied! Each country has a specific equipment and clothing list. When you book a Wild Spirit Adventure, you receive a password allowing you to enter our “Client Section”. All necessary information and more can be found here. We have spent much time and energy developing what we believe are to be the most detailed and informative clothing and equipment lists of any company.

Travel Documents

A money belt is a useful item in many of the countries we visit. It allows you to carry travel documents, cash and cards. We advise you to photocopy your passport and other important documents, record the numbers and leave copies with someone at home.


Full immersion in nature and the culture of the exotic places you visit means you enter a new world mentally as well as physically. Our guides abound in local and historical knowledge. History and nature come alive as you relive the experiences of war-time heroes or the early pioneers. You may finally catch a glimpse of that wild Orang-utan or Bird of Paradise that you have only seen on Television.


Some adventures, such as whitewater rafting, can be too demanding for some people. These experiences are not for everyone, so we include these as an Optionable item. You may just want a more relaxing alternative following the tour core activity.

Guides / porters / staff

Wild Spirit employs local guides and staff because they are the most knowledgeable. It is our policy that our local staff mix with the client group to ensure you have the greatest opportunity to learn about the culture of the country you are visiting. It assists our staff also in learning about other countries, assists them in developing their English speaking skills and aids in everlasting friendships. You are always met at the airport by a Wild Spirit representative who will assist you with hotel accommodation or transport.


Wild Spirit is renowned for the quality and quantity of our food. We use local fresh food where possible and have strict hygiene criteria with our cooks and guests. During home stays you will eat with the host family and if you like, assist them with preparation; it’s all part of the experience. Our selected restaurants have been chosen for their cleanliness and the cultural originality of the food they provide. Your dining, whatever the venue, will be a memorable experience.


Wild Spirit offers a range of accommodation depending on the type of adventure you choose. Our home stays allow you to become part of the culture and allow you the opportunity view first hand, the workings of a village family. Guest Houses may be a long house dormitory type or a secluded grass hut nestled along a secluded beach.

Our hotel accommodation ranges from basic to 5 star depending on your requirements and what is available in the area. If you are tenting, we supply quality equipment that will allow you to feel safe from the outside environment.


You depend on us to ensure your journey is pleasurable, memorable and most of all safe! Our head guides are first aid trained; we carry satellite phones and are in constant contact with our home office in the unlikely case something goes wrong. Our pre trip information is designed to reduce risk by getting you as prepared as possible. The measure of a professional company is what it does when something unforeseen happens. We have detailed risk assessment plans and strategies for every country we operate in.

What to expect on your Wild Spirit Adventure

Wild Spirit is passionate about the places we visit and we have made it our priority to become travel specialists throughout the regions we operate in. We are responsible operators.

Wild Spirit adheres to a strict code of conduct in our dealings with local cultures, staff and the environment. We adhere to the International Porters Protection Association guidelines which ensure responsible employment procedures in developing countries.

We have developed excellent working and social relationships in the countries in which we operate and are well respected amongst local peoples for how we operate. In many destinations we have instigated Educational support programs, sponsored orphanages and provided infrastructure to disadvantaged villages. We have a social conscience and firmly believe we and our clients have a responsibility to put something back into the areas where we conduct our journeys.

Our company respects the culture and the people of all countries we visit and we treat them as we would like to be treated.