About Sandakan Spirit Adventure

Sandakan Spirit Adventures is owned by Wayne Wetherall who specialises in small group tours designed to provide you with lifelong memories to Sabah, Borneo Malaysia.

Wayne Wetherall is also Managing Director of trekking company Kokoda Spirit which is an Australian and PNG based company specialising in treks across the Kokoda track in PNG.
Wetherall also owns and operates Wild Spirit Adventures which specializes in Nepal and African adventures.
We have over 10 years experience in the design and delivery of a wide range of challenging expeditions and adventure based programs around the world.
Wetherall and his team at Sandakan Spirit has been walking the Sandakan Death March Track since 2006 and has been very fortunate to meet a number of the old local people from Borneo and hear first hand their experiences of the Sandakan Death Marches.
Our trekking partners are Dusuns, direct descendents of the carriers and locals that helped the POW’s.

We stay at local villagers, purchase our fruit and veggies and eat at local restaurants ensuring that the local communities benefit from tourism.
Over the past few years Wayne and his team have meticulously, using the latest in GPS mapping technology and old fashion hard work been able to faithfully piece together as close as possible the original route Sandakan Death March route.
We use a variety of accommodation on our treks including camping next to Rainforest Rivers and staying in traditional Dusun Villages along the way, this gives you a great chance to embrace the traditional culture and mix with the locals and hear firsthand the stories of their forefathers.
If you are comparing Sandakan trekking companies, make sure you are on the “correct route” and not a” Convenient Eco Track” We avoid using short cut or alternative treks that are logistically easier to ensure you see the real Borneo, the real Sandakan Death March Route.

Wayne has been developing adventure programs, tours and itineraries to show case the wonders and beauty of Sabah, including the infamous Sandakan Death March since 2006.

We have the flexibility and local experience to tailor an itinerary and program to suit your individual or group requirements.
Our goal is to deliver a world class Sandakan and Borneo experience while ensuring all stakeholders including the local villages and communities benefit from tourism.
Our journeys are a mix of culture, soft adventure, challenge and most of all, safe and enjoyable experiences.
Our tours are designed with the aid of local people enabling Sandakan Spirit to support the diverse cultures in which we operate.

Our philosophy of providing economic and environmentally sustainable practices in the countries we visit has enabled us to develop long lasting relationships with the local peoples.
Our Sandakan partner Jerome is reputable, an experienced operator who is proud of his culture and history. This relationship will allow you the opportunity to not just experience another country, but to experience people, their culture, and their environment.

You are a part of the journey, not just an observer. You will gain a deeper understanding of place and people providing everlasting memories.

Our Sandakan adventures ensure that our impact is minimal by adhering to a self imposed code of conduct. This not only involves adhering to the laws, guidelines and regulations of the countries we visit, but also operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. It is our own backyard and we need to look after it.

Our staff are passionate about people and about providing people with everlasting memories of the places we visit. They live and have families in the beautiful areas we operate in. Wild Spirit Adventures encourages and assists our guests in learning about the country, its culture, religion and its customs, resulting in a much more informed experience.