Join us for our history making treks

We are running three exclusive commemorative Death March Treks during 2014 across the complete and entire Sandakan Death March Route.
We have pioneered the correct route uncovering lost sections of this tragic march.
Our route takes us into the remote, deep, virgin Sabah Jungle. The route we walk has been made possible with the assistance, support and cooperation of the Sabah Forestry Department.
29/01/14 – 07/02/14
Anniversary Trek First Death March
29/05/14 – 07/06/14
Anniversary Trek Second Death March

29/07/14 – 07/07/14
**Anniversary Trek Third Death March

Anzac Day trek *24/04/14 – 03/05/14

13/08/14 – 24/08/14
Sandakan Day Trek

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