We are the other trekking company that our competition talk about and try and emulate.

We carry a full $10 million dollar Public Liability Insurance, you are also protected by the Travel Compensation Fund which confirms the ability of the operator to be financially viable.
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It is important that you ask your trekking company important questions regarding the Sandakan Death March route that they walk and the itineraries and accommodation that they use.
There are a number of prominent and respected adventure companies offering packages to Borneo and the Sandakan Track, be sure to check out their itineraries, routes and accommodation offered.
 Our treks across the Sandakan Death March route faithfully as close as possible follow the original route. Our treks are based on research from the premier and respected authorities on the Sandakan Death March,Don Wall and Kevin Smith.
We avoid using “short cut”,“eco” or alternative tracks that are logistically easier to ensure you see the real Borneo, the real Sandakan Death March Route. We use a variety of accommodation on our treks including camping next to Rainforest Rivers and staying in traditional Dusun Villages along the way, this gives you a great chance to embrace the traditional culture and mix with the locals and hear firsthand the stories of their forefathers.
The most acclaimed authority on the Sandakan Death March and Sandakan POW camp is Don Wall.
Don Wall is a Veteran of WW11, volunteering for service with the AIF, serving with the 2/20 Battalion 8 Division. After the fall of Singapore Don then became a POW.
Don had the full co-operation during his research of Sandakan Death March survivors Keith BotterillOwen Campbell andNelson Short. These in-depth discussions covered all aspects of the events of prisoner of war life in Sandakan.
Don wrote his first book Kill the Prisoners way back in 1988 and his revised fourth edition in 1995.
Don also had full access and permission to use the private records of Lt. Col. H.W.S Jackson, MBE (Ret.) in particular records of the recovery of remains, his first hand knowledge of the people of Borneo, those that witnessed the prisoners on the marches and those who saved the lives of the six survivors.
The other prominent authority and author on Sandakan and the Sandakan Death March is Kevin Smith.
Do not be deceived in believing that there has only been one book written about Sandakan and the Sandakan Death March.
Don and Kevin have researched and written excellent books.
We also base our treks on the reports compiled by Veterans of Borneo, Major R.E. Steele, WO W. Wallace and SGT R.J. Kennedy.
Wayne Wetherall, Managing Director of trekking company Kokoda Spirit and Sandakan Spirit has walked the Sandakan Death March Track on 8 occasions and has been very fortunate to meet a number of the old local people from Borneo and hear first hand and record their experiences of the Sandakan Death Marches.
Over the past two journeys Wayne and his team of local Dusun’s, who are direct descendents of the carriers and villagers along the track have meticulously, using the latest in GPS mapping technology and old fashion hard work and intense research we were able to faithfully piece together as close as it is possible to get to the original route.
Trekking the Sandakan Death March route with usis an experience not just a holiday. We see things as an explorer, historian and adventurer.
When you trek the Sandakan Death March with Sandakan Spirit, you’re participating in a personal discovery experience; you are truly living and participating in an historic and monumental Borneo adventure.
Our travel arrangements are by Spirit Holidays – Travel Agents License TAG1611. Make sure your tour company complies with both Australian and Malaysian laws.