I would like to thank you all for an experience I will remember for ever. I would not have missed a moment of it.

I dont think I have ever met someone who is so driven, motivated, professional and so much empathy with people and still keep going with a smile, that is remarkable. I know you have touched everyones hearts and given something different to each person.

We will never forget our experience it was very rewarding and we will definately reccommed doing the trek to everyone.

To all your staff, behind the scenes and on the ground, well done to all for providing a fantastic experience. I want to share this experience with my kids when they get older…

Just a quick note to say thank you and that I had a fantastic time. Whilst I found the trek physically demanding I enjoyed every bit of it.

Your leadership was outstanding! Thank you for your sense of humour and sharing your passion.

It has certainly changed my life and gave me a great gift.

I thank you.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience a journey which I have come to describe to friends as a totally unexplainable experience, or in more brutal terms to very close friends …