Wild Spirit Adventures Terms & Conditions

wild spirit terms and condition


i) Accommodation is based on a twin share room. Accommodation may be upgraded to a single room, a single price room will be charged to you.
ii) Due to illness, finishing the tour earlier, or for any other reason you change your accommodation whilst in the country of operation, you will be liable to pay for the extra night(s).
iii) Hotel Management requirements are: for all accommodation other than the dates given to the Hotel by Wild Spirit needs to be paid for by the client at the time of check-in.
iv) Any extra nights are the responsibility of the client, and client must pay the selected Hotel upon check-in.
v) Hotel accommodation can be upgraded to a different hotel, but will be organised by client.


i) Your trek reservation is confirmed on receipt of a non-refundable deposit of $500 per person, per trek. Deposit must be received within 14 days of booking or the reservation will automatically be cancelled. Deposit is nontransferable and non-refundable.
ii) The balance of payment is due 56 days (8 weeks) prior to departure.
iii) With payment of deposit, it is Wild Spirit’s understanding that the client has read and understood the Booking Terms and Conditions, and has accepted them.
iv) Payment in full is required at time of booking for reservations made less than 56 days prior to departure from Australia.
v) Our price is a package price. If you wish to vary the package then you are liable for any accommodation, flight, travel, food or other variations not agreed in writing with Wild Spirit.

Cancellations Notices And Charges

i) If a trekker is unable to participate in a confirmed trekking date and wishes to still trek at a later date, then Wild Spirit will allocate available trekking dates. New trekking date must be within the following 6-month period from original date of trek.
ii) Price will vary for the new date. Original price quoted will vary with cost of new trek.
iii) If no new date can be agreed upon between Wild Spirit and the trekker then the Cancellation Notice and Charges below will be implemented.
iv) Cancellation of confirmed bookings is to be in writing.
v) The following cancellation fees will be applied per person: Between 31 & 60 days – 50% of the total booking cost 30 days or less – 100% of the total booking cost For this reason Wild Spirit strongly recommends that your travel insurance policy includes cover for cancellation charges in the event of cancellation due to illness or other circumstances. This may result in a delay in processing any refund due as we await advice of cancellation charges by airlines, hotels and ground operators.
vi) Deposit is non refundable and non transferable.


An adult must accompany children under the age of 18. Adult supervision is required at all times. Adult accompanying child(ren) will be responsible for any behaviour not acceptable by Wild Spirit staff.


i) Wild Spirit accepts no responsibility for any damage caused whilst clients are on the tour or trek, whilst in the selected Hotel, transfer transportation etc..
ii) Any trekker/s who have caused damage will be required to pay for damage done, and staff will assess this.

Fitness & Doctor’s Clearance

i) Trekkers should have a high level of physical fitness and mobility and should be able to negotiate uneven surfaces, river crossings, and climb stairs as the program requirement.
ii) All treks involve physical activity every day.
iii) Trekkers are required to send in a Doctors clearance certificate/letter no later than four (4) weeks before departure date. In the case of a Doctors clearance certificate/letter not being provided to Wild Spirit before 4 weeks before the departure date, Wild Spirit has the right to refuse trekker of participating in proposed trek.
iv) It is trekker’s responsibility to consult their doctor for a Doctor Clearance letter and vaccination requirements.
v) Wild Spirit reserves the right to refuse participation or retire any trekker/s who are deemed to be unfit or unprepared to complete the journey.

Group Discounts

i) A minimum of seven (7) or more trekkers in group booking qualifies for a group discount.
ii) Group discount is subject to availability and date of trek.
iii) When all parties accept a group discount, price will remain firm, subject to our other terms and conditions.
iv) When the numbers go lower than seven (7) trekkers in one particular group the full price will be charged.
v) Group discounts do not apply for Anzac treks.

Helicopter Airlift Out

i) In the event of an emergency whilst on the tour, Wild Spirit staff will assess the situation and they will act accordingly.
ii) If a helicopter is needed Wild Spirit will contact your “Next of Kin”, as stated in your Trekker Information forms.
iii) Costs for “Medical/Emergency Evacuation” will be charged to the Trekker.

Hire Gear

i) Wild Spirit hire gear to their trekkers for the purpose of the tour only.
ii) If a trekker is hiring gear from the company, it is a requirement to fill out a Hire Gear Terms and Conditions form. Our staff will provide this form.
iii) Any damages as per the agreement, will be at the trekker’s expense.


You are required to have a current passport.

Personal Porter

i) If you choose to have a personal porter, Wild Spirit must be informed four (4) weeks prior to your trek starting date. Not all tours have personal porters available.
ii) A personal porter is an extra cost on top of /Wild Spirit trek price. The cost of a personal porter is $720 and it is non-negotiable. (ANZAC Trek $750)
iii) Payment for a personal porter must be sent to the office four (4) weeks prior to departure date.
iv) In the event that a trekker requires a personal porter once he/she has arrived in the said country or at any stage throughout the trek, the trekker will be charged an extra 20% on top of normal price (as this is an inconvenience).
v) An invoice will be sent and must be paid within 7 days of finishing your trek.

Price Inclusions/exclusions

i) The trek price does not cover costs and expenses, including the return to your home, if you leave the trek at your volition, or due to illness, or as a consequence of official action by the government of the country visited.
ii) Wild Spirit will provide each person with a list of “what’s included” and “what’s not included”. It is the responsibility of the trekker to provide the items on the “what’s not included list”.
iii) It is the trekker’s responsibility to pay for telephone calls, extra nights accommodation, extra meals and personal items whilst in the country of operation.

Price/trek Variations

i) The trek price is subject to change at any time due to currency fluctuations, or Australia/ Destination country airport tax departure variations and other charges.
ii) A minimum of five (5) trekkers is required for a trek to go ahead, unless agreement for less numbers has been negotiated with Wild Spirit in writing.
iii) You will be notified of trek price change in writing.


i) Prices effective 16th November 2015. Prices listed are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice.
ii) In the case of a price rise for trek, airline or personal porters, trekkers will be informed by
writing. This price rise will affect all who have not paid their trek/airline tickets in full.
iii) Price quoted on the Booking Confirmation Letter is held firm for 14 days from date of letter. A booking made after this time is subject to new price charges.

Retiring From The Trek

Early departure from the trek (i.e. less than the days specified) will incur the cost of extra staff, transportation, administration costs and all other expenses incurred in returning you. The trekker will be responsible for these extra costs. If you require or request a helicopter lift out you will be liable for these costs.

Tour Variations

i) Application for any refunds due to any of these unforeseen circumstances must be made in writing.
ii) Any claim must be limited to the cost of the service. Wild Spirit does not accept liability for any additional costs for airline or transportation delays.
iii) In the event of any legal action against Wild Spirit the client/travel agent agrees where and/or accepting travel document that such action will take place under the terms of the laws of the country the tour / trek takes place in
iv) The countries of operation are developing nations and as such we cannot accept responsibility for accident, loss injury, disappointment, delay in irregularity in flight, accommodation, transportation and other services provided on your trip.
v) We have a maximum of 25 trekkers per group (this number does not include personal porters or group porters). Numbers may change if a private group requests more trekkers to join.
vi) Maximum numbers will change for our Anzac Day Treks; this will be a management decision.

Travel And Health Insurance

i) It is mandatory for each trekker to have a suitable personal travel insurance policy prior to your departure from Australia.
ii) The policy must cover the unforeseen cancellation of your trip, the loss of personal items, the cost of emergency evacuation by air from any point along the tour to a recognized hospital or Australia if necessary and medical/hospital treatment within the country of operation and/or Australia. You will be required to complete a medical questionnaire on booking.
iii) Wild Spirit requires all details of your Travel Insurance no later than four (4) weeks before departure. Details will include your full name, policy number, dates of travel, destinations, the Travel Insurance Company’s 24 hour emergency phone number, etc.
iv) All baggage and personal effects are at all times and in all circumstances at the risk of the client. Baggage insurance is recommended.

Trek Itinerary Variations

Wild Spirit reserves the right to vary the trek itinerary/schedule in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Trekking Gear

i) The company will provide each trekker with a “trekking gear list” as a recommendation on what to take while trekking. This “trekking gear list” is only a recommendation.
ii) In the case of excess baggage on international or an internal flight in the country of operation or Australia, the trekker is liable to pay for this excess baggage.


You may require a Visa entry into the selected country. It is your responsibility to obtain all necessary visa and travel documents.