Overland Track Tasmania

Overland Track Tasmania - $2695 PP

Nestled in the heart of the Tasmanian bush, The Overland Track has become world-famous due to its stunning views, unique flora, and intriguing history. This 65km, 6 Day expedition begins at Cradle Mountain and ends at the picturesque Lake St Clair.

The Overland track meanders through terrain ranging from sheer mountains,
temperate rainforest, wild rivers, and alpine plains all in the Tasmanian
Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Whilst walking, our guides will inform you of several optional side excursions,
including to the summits of Cradle Mountain and Mount Ossa, the tallest mountain in Tasmania. Upon reaching the end of this adventure, you will be transported by small ferry over Lake St Claire – The deepest lake in Australia!
World-renowned for its pristine environment and beauty, the walk is listed by Lonely Planet as one of the best in the world!

The Track
Leaving from Cradle Mountain National park, we walk on average 4–6 hours a day
through pristine forest and national park. A large part of the track has boardwalk to help with the preservation of this amazing heritage area.
Each day on the track will involve numerous inclines and decline sections which
makes this expedition challenging but achievable for all

Overland Track Tasmania

“This must be a National Park for the people for all time.” So declared Gustav Weindorfer from the summit of Cradle Mountain in 1910.

The Overland Track runs through the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park which is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area.

It is now one of Australia’s most famous national parks, protecting a grand glaciated landscape and the magnificent flora and fauna it contains.

The Ov​erland Track is Australia’s premier alpine trek. This extraordinary and life-changing adventure attracts trekkers from across the globe looking for an exhilarating challenge.

Wild Spirit Adventures offers a 5-night 6-day all-inclusive packages across the Overland Track.

The Overland Track is a 65km walk beginning at Cradle Mountain and finishing at Lake St Clair Australia’s deepest lake.

Your journey will be physically demanding, emotionally challenging and scenically spectacular. This is a landscape of glacially carved valleys, ancient rainforests, fragrant eucalypt forests, golden button grass moorlands and stunning alpine meadows.

Our Overland Track trek finishes at Narcissus Hut at the head of Lake St Clair where we board a small privately run ferry to reach the Lake St Clair Visitor Centre at Cynthia Bay.

Almost half of the Overland Track is above 1000 metres in elevation on exposed plateaus in a remote area. Thorough preparation and good gear are essential.

It’s no wonder the Overland Track has secured its reputation as one of the world’s great wilderness treks.

Why you should walk the Overland Track

The track traverses some of Australia’s most spectacular mountain scenery, a landscape where the scars of the Ice Age still seem fresh. You’ll follow valleys worn smooth by glaciers, admire dramatic peaks and quench your thirst with the best water you’ve ever tasted – straight out of alpine streams.

The area is a refuge for many native animals that are now extinct or threatened on the Australian mainland, such as the Tasmanian devil. Hikers are almost certain to encounter wombats, wallabies, echidnas and possums, green rosella and yellow-throated honeyeater also call the Overland Track home.

Did you know?

Cradle Mountain was named by Joseph Fossey in 1826.

Crater Lake is 60 metres deep and was named in 1905 for its resemblance to a volcanic crater. Dove Lake was named by Gustav Weindorfer after an official of the Van Diemen company.

Lake St Clair, at 167m, is Australia’s deepest natural lake

A rock shelter on the Forth River near the walk was periodically occupied by Aboriginal Tasmanians from 32,000BC right through to 1200AD

The dolerite rock that forms the spectacular mountains along the Overland Track is also found in South Africa, South America and Antarctica – evidence of the break-up of the ancient continent of Gondwana

Overland Track Highlights

Region – Central Tasmanian Highlands
Location – Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park
• Distance from Devonport to Cradle Mountain – approximately 78kms (1hr drive)
• Distance from Launceston to Cradle Mountain – approximately 150kms (2hrs drive)
• Distance from Hobart to Cradle Mountain – approximately 320kms (4hrs drive)

One of Australia’s most famous hiking destinations, the Overland Track takes you through Tasmania’s beautiful World Heritage wilderness from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair. It is estimated that more than 8,000 trekkers enjoy the Overland Track each year.

Length: 65 km to Lake St Clair
Trail difficulty: Medium to difficult
Highest point: Alpine plateau – 1,250 m (4,100 ft)
Lowest point: Forth River crossing, 720 m (2,360 ft)

When to Go/Seasons

When is the best time to go?

Tasmania has four distinct seasons; On the Overland Track you might experience them all in the same day.

December, January and February are considered the best months to hike the Overland Track. In summer many plants are flowering, the days are long – making side trips more feasible – and the average maximum temperature is a relatively warm 16.3°C (with a possibility of temperatures in the 30s).

March–May can also be a good time to walk the Overland Track. Autumn hikers can enjoy the spectacular golds and reds of Australia’s only autumn deciduous tree, the deciduous beech, while fungi also put on a vivid display. The first significant snow usually falls in May.

Many view the spring and summer months as the best time to do the Overland Track due to the warmer and longer days. Although as a result, it’s also the busiest time for the trek.

This epic trek can be done in either direction – starting at Cradle Mountain or Lake St. Clair – however during the busier warmer months, a prior booking is required to walk from north to south.

If you’re open to cooler temperatures and looking for fewer fellow hikers, the autumn and winter months showcase the hike in a different and equally beautiful light. In late autumn, sections of the Overland Track feature bright fungi that brighten the trail. In winter, you may get to enjoy a true alpine feel with a snowy covering. Whatever your preferences, the Overland Track can deliver a memorable experience any time of the year.

Day 1

Arrive Launceston

Day 2

Ronny Creek to Waterfall Valley

Day 3

Waterfall Valley to Lake Windermere

Day 4

Lake Windermere to Pelion

Day 5

Pelion to Kia Ora

Day 6

Kia Ora to Windy Ridge

Day 7

Windy Ridge to Lake St Clair to Launceston

Day 8

Depart Launceston (Personal onward travel)

“If our set departure dates are not convenient for you, you may choose Private departures by selecting your own convenient tour date. These types of departure are best suited to couples, families, charity and small groups of friends. Customised itineraries are available as per your travel need.“