Gear List

Trekking Gear List – Mount Kilimanjaro

(This is our recommendation of gear required)

1Roll on deodorant
2Rolls of toilet paper
1Wet ones
1Zinc cream for protection from UV rays and dry air
1Ladies hygiene products
1Antibacterial Hand Gel

Camping Trekking Gear

Camping Trekking Gear
1150 litre kitbag for porter can be hired
1Daypack (for personal use) can be hired
1Sleeping bag and sleeping bag liner (at least -5 rating) can be hired
1Self inflating mattress - 2 foam rolls are supplied but will not give a great level of comfort
1Pillow (optional)

(Inflatable travel pillow or cushion insert – do not bring full size pillow)
1-2Walking poles – this is essential can be hired
1-2Gloves, 1 inner thin pair plus thicker outer glove or mitts, water and wind proof
1Torch (and spare batteries)
1Head Torch (and spare batteries)
2Dry bags or waterproof bags (available from camping stores) or garbage bags to keep clothing dry in kitbag
Water - need minimum of 4 litres

(your choice of water bottles or water bladder, you will need easy access to bottles)
3ltrBackpack bladder and 1 water bottle (for mixing supplements)
1Water drink bottles
1Waterproofing product
Camera + lots of film, spare batteries, disposable camera

(Note: Cameras and video recorders cannot be charged on the Mountain as there is no electricity)

Medical Kit

Medical Kit
Medications as Prescribed by your Doctor

(Anti malaria, antibiotics for wounds and infections, anti inflammatory, anti vomiting, epi-pen etc…)
1Diamox for altitude sickness, max of 3 per day
12Gastrolyte (must have)
1Endura Powder (available from Chemists)
1Headache Tablets
1Diarrhoea Tablets
1Travel Calm Tablets
1Anti-Inflammatory medications (eg. Ibrofen, Voltaren, Nurofen)
1Antihistamines (e.g. Telfast, Phenergan 10mg)
Multivitamins / B1 Tablets (start a couple of weeks prior to trek)
2Antibacterial hand gel (e.g. Aqium)
1pktBlister Pads (optional)
1Roll of strapping tape
smallVaseline (blisters)
2pktLarge size band-aids (Elastoplast)
1Knee and/or ankle guards
1Antiseptic lotion/cream (e.g. Paraderm Plus, Betadine, Bepanthen)
1Papaw ointment
1Hydrocortisone cream (for bites)
10Cotton wool balls
3Insect repellent roll-on / cream

(we suggest ‘Bushman Plus’ – always keep it on)
2pktWater purification tablets (highly recommend)
1Sunscreen (always keep it on)
1Sunglasses – wrap-around style for UV protection
1Salt tablets
3pktGlucose Jelly Beans or Glucose lollies
4 pktsGlucodin Tablets
For every dayMunchies (chocolates, muesli bars, lollies, beef jerky, nuts etc...)

All clothing should be LAYERED for maximum warmth. Lightweight layers – usually thermal plus 3 layers and a down jacket for the final ascent. DO NOT take heavy woolen jumpers or jackets.

1Walking boots (waterproof) and spare boot laces
1Lightweight shoes to wear in camp at night e.g. running shoes
2Tracksuit/ fleece pants for colder days & evenings
1Waterproof pants , lightweight and breathable can be hired
2Thermal underwear polypropylene or similar, must be breathable
4Long sleeved lightweight fleecy shirts for layering
2Synthetic pants and shirts, breathable and wind-resistant, highly recommend the zip-off pants
1-2‘skins’ style sports clothing shorts

(highly recommended, great to reduce chafing)
1Waterproof Jacket Gortex or similar. Breathable wind and waterproof jacket, must have a hood can be hired
1Lightweight poncho – for heavy rain
5Thick Synthetic hiking style socks
5Thin socks to help prevent blisters
3Comfortable underwear / bras
1Gaiters alpine type, not the anklets can be hired
1Warm fleece hat or balaclava, need to ensure ears are covered
1Microfiber Towels
1Scarf/ Buff to keep the neck warm

Repair Kit

For broken bags, boots – these items can be shared amongst a group

Repair Kit
10Long cable ties
1Electrical tape
1Pocket knife or Multi tool
1Small super glue

Below are some ‘optional extras’

Large zip lock bags (for personal items, clothes, lollies)

If travelling with friends or part of a group you may be able to share some of the above items e.g. creams / lotions.

This list is our recommendation of what to take